How do I begin the remodeling process?

Identifying goals for your project is a great place to start. Clients should always consider questions such as “what would I like my home to look like? Which areas of my home do I want to remodel or renovate first? How can we maximize space and functionality for my lifestyle?”. Consult with your general contractor on your vision for your project to ensure your expectations are upheld during the construction process.

How do you communicate with clients? How regularly can I expect oversight from crest construction group once construction begins?

As is with every project at Crest Construction Group, your builder will be consulting with you daily. Our personalized approach allows our builder the time and attention to detail required for custom construction. Your builder will be the primary contact for your project starting from the estimating all the way to the finished product. This allows Crest Construction Group to retain any and all context and details that will translate into the construction process.

Will you maintain and perform all of the necessary permitting and inspections?

The majority of large scale renovations and living additions require permitting or inspections. Your builder in coordination with our subcontractors acquire any and all permitting and inspections for your project. We consult with your local building officials prior to your proposal to capture any engineering or permitting requirements ahead of time.

Are you insured?

Crest Construction group and our subcontractors are fully licensed and insured to provide clients with the professionalism and quality they deserve.

Does Crest Construction Group provide architectural or interior design services?

As a general contractor, we provide insight into projects up front to determine the plan work required to deliver a finished product. We do not provide architectural design services however, we work with an variety of local architects and engineers that will be recommended to you based on the size and location of your project.
Having a hand selected architect or engineer for your project based on the scope of work assists new clients on both timeline and cost.  The case is the same with interior design. While we can provide our experience and suggestions for homeowners on interior selections, we refer to a number of local interior design firms that we feel will best fit the look you are hoping to achieve.
Connecting new clients with the appropriate interior designers can be extremely supportive for clients who may feel overwhelmed with the selection process.

Where can I view some of your previous work and custom projects?

Visit our project page to learn more about some of the work we've done here

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